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Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
August, 2023
Just back from my trek in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. The mountainous Wakhan's isolation, stretching 220 miles to the east in Badakhshan province, has allowed the people who inhabit it to preserve their traditional way of life. This little-known, extremely rugged, high mountain valley has remained virtually untouched by the decades of conflict. The nomadic Kyrgyz people have lived at the remote end of the Wakhan, cut-off for more than a century. They live scattered around the valley in small communities. I got to visit a Kyrgyz family, seeing their way of life, visiting their yurt. The lack of almost any vegetation to fire a store, means the Kyrgyz use yak dung as fuel. What a treat to see such a remote corner of the planet. I could have done without the altitude sickness (again) but other than that, what an awesome experience! 
Finally made it to the Wakhan after a two day journey driving from the Tajikistan border at Shirkhan. The border is Taliban controlled and it took a whopping 6 1/2 hours to secure a visa. The Taliban do not acknowledge any visas obtained from abroad, so acquiring one at the border is necessary.
The ever-valuable beast of burden!
How we made it through some of the rivers, I do not know!
Typical fare in the Wakhan, carbs, carbs and more carbs.
Kids in Sarhad-e Broghil
Owner of my accommodation in Sarhad-e Broghil, 83 years old.
My accommodation in Sarhad-e Broghil.
I got to check out my hosts kitchen in Sarhad-e Broghil. The ladies were making bread.
Another high carb meal in the Wakhan.
The nomadic Kyrgyz people have lived at the remote end of the Wakhan, cut off for more than a century.
Kyrgyz woman and son in their yurt. Married women wear white head coverings, single women wear red.
Kyrgyz woman milking her yak!
Kyrgyz boy
View from my tent, near the Kyrgyz's yurt. The evenings were one degree above freezing. The altitude sickness made sleeping impossible!
After Sarhad-e Broghil, we brought our own food and picked up a cook to bring with us. The further into the Wakhan we went, the colder it got. I don't know how the cook seemed to have no problem being barefoot with his sandals. I was frozen!
Sweeping views in every direction!
We passed seven WFP trucks.
Morning traffic jam.
A lot of the country is simply stunning!
This guy's got it figured out! Smoking meat, meet goggles!
Best chicken kebab in Afghanistan!